Independence Day Celebration




sheriffs and car

buckeye lake

sheriff on boat

sheriffs in a side by side

Vibrant bursts of color in the fireworks show

sheriffs with American flag

buckeye lake at night

Exciting pyrotechnic display with dazzling fireworks

Explosive celebration with mesmerizing fireworks

sheriffs carrying American flag in parade

group of sheriffs posing for a photo

sheriff and little girl

sheriffs with bikes

sheriff standing with two women

two sheriffs standing with two women

sunset on buckeye lake

sheriffs taking a selfie

sheriffs walking in parade

Colorful and dynamic fireworks performance

Thrilling fireworks show with cascading sparks

Brilliant fireworks illuminating the atmosphere


buckeye lake at dusk

drone view of buckeye lake

This Independence Day celebration has had so many great events put on by and for the people of this county.

From the Buckeye Lake Blast, to the Pickerington, Bremen and Lancaster Parades.
The Sheriff's Office is proud to protect, serve and participate with our great community!

This post showcases members of the Sheriff's Office Honor Guard, School Resource Officers-Bike Patrol, Community Response Unit, Marine Patrol, Drone Unit, Community Watch Members, Patrol Bureau, Dispatchers, Civil Staff. They're all proud to represent the Sheriff's Office and interact with the people they serve!