Women's Self Defense/Awareness Training


self defense

Women's self-defense class instructor demonstrating a defense technique.

Participant practicing self-defense moves with a partner.

Women learning to protect themselves in a self-defense class.

Group of women practicing self-defense techniques in a class.

Empowering women's self-defense workshop in action.

Close-up of a woman executing a self-defense maneuver."

FClose-up of a woman executing a self-defense maneuver."

Women gaining confidence through self-defense training.

Partnered practice of self-defense techniques for women.

ocused woman mastering a self-defense move during class.

Women's self-defense session emphasizing personal safety.

The Community Response Unit, Deputies Tiffany Hedrick and David Maple, conducted women's self defense/awareness training, at the Frontier Church of God.

Situational awareness is the foundation of this training and these participants were fantastic!