Criminal Patrol Operation


sheriff lights on car

On Wedneday, November the 22nd the Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office conducted an 8 hour, Criminal Patrol operation within Violet Township. The main goal of this operation was to seize and incarcerate individuals who are in possession of narcotics and illegally carrying firearms. 

The Sheriff’s Office worked in tandem with the  following law enforcement partners. The Pickerington Police Department, Lancaster Police Department, and members of the Major Crimes Unit. 

Traffic stops: 31
Charges filed: 6
K9 deployments (SO only): 3
Suspected Narcotics seized:
4 grams of crack,
1 gram of fentanyl,
1 gram of Methamphetamine
1 Firearm seized:
Motorists assisted:1

These targeted patrol operations will continue to be conducted throughout Fairfield County. Anyone with information related to illegal narcotics activity can submit a tip using the Fairfield County Sheriff's Office App or by calling 740-652-7900 and follow the prompts.