scam alert

The Fairfield County Sheriff's Office has received multiple reports this morning of a caller claiming to be a deputy with the Sheriff's Office. Please be advised that this call is a scam. The call may even appear to come from the Sheriff's Office number. Deputies will never call to advise of a warrant or missed court appearance and will never solicit money or banking information. If you are concerned about the legitimacy of the call, please hang up. The Sheriff’s Office is aware of the scam and there is no need to call our office or file a report unless you have suffered a financial loss. Please share this information with friends and family members, especially those who may not be aware of current scams.

- DO NOT provide personal information to a caller, no matter how legitimate the call may seem

- DO NOT ever make a payment to anyone using any form of a gift card, bitcoin, or prepaid money card (or withdraw CASH for someone unfamiliar)

- Law enforcement will NEVER call to advise you missed a court date or have a warrant

- If you pay money to a scammer we are generally UNABLE TO GET IT BACK

- Contact your financial institution BEFORE sending money

- PLEASE talk with your elderly and vulnerable friends, neighbors, and family about the signs of a scam so they can protect themselves from the possibility of a financial loss


- Requests for payment sent via money card, bitcoin, or gift card

- Threats or vulgar language


- Caller ID can be manipulated to fit the scammer’s agenda (known as spoofing: the call will appear as a local number or a legitimate business)

- Law enforcement cannot trace the origin of spoofed calls or internet scams (generally originate overseas)

- Scammer may provide false name, employee number, or badge number

- Wired funds or funds loaded to a money card are irretrievable

- Caller may become vulgar if you refuse to comply (comments may be sexual in nature or may threaten to come to your house)

- Scammers often specifically target the elderly

- Don’t be afraid to HANG UP and verify company or agency information


- Does it seem too good to be true?

- Is the caller threatening me?


- You do not need to contact law enforcement unless you have suffered a financial loss or you have provided personal information that could contribute to identity theft

- Please visit or to report internet crime

- Follow us on Facebook at'soffice for media releases and posts on the most recent scams