Threats of Violence at Schools


fairfield county sheriffs office

The Sheriff's Office is aware of emails that have been sent to several Fairfield County schools that make specific threats of violence at schools. These emails have been determined to be a hoax.
Ohio's Terrorism and Analysis Unit is aware of the current emails that have been sent to several Ohio schools on Sunday, 10 December 2023. These emails have been analyzed and determined to be a hoax by State fusion centers.
Sheriff's Office Investigators agree with this determination.
Several fusion centers in California and Texas received similar reports on emails sent to their area schools using similar language in November 2023 and as late as last Friday, 8 December 2023, in Texas.
Based on the similar language and the number of emails being sent to hundreds of schools nationwide and in Ohio, these emails have been determined to be swatting and or hoax emails.
Our priority is to do everything we can to keep our Fairfield County students, staff and schools safe.
Thank you!
Sheriff Lape